Jack Dark - Soluna (Experiment in sound story-telling.)

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Soluna - An experiment in sound storytelling.

You can click on the song titles to download them in MP3 format:

[color=yellow]Fields Of The Sun[/color]

0:00-0:21 Morning Mist Drips Off The Grass
0:21-0:42 Insects Awaken & Stir Their Wings
0:42-1:05 Dawn Breaks; Flowers Bloom
1:05-2:03 The Sun Warms The Earth While The Wind Sings
2:03-2:50 Children Play On A Hill Of Flowery Flora; Laughing
2:50-3:10 Day Fades To Dusk
3:10-3:28 A Child Remembers

[color=#B897FD]Moors Of The Moon[/color]

0:00-0:25 Dusk Creeps Over The Land
0:25-0:40 A Black Blanket Devours
0:40-1:40 Shadows Whisper
1:40-2:40 The Midnight Spirit Cries
2:40-3:00 Memories Of The Dead
3:00-3:36 Night Smells Dawn
3:36-3:57 Night & Dawn Battle
3:57-4:09 Dawn Kills The Night

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