Winkee - Helsinki //Pure Trance// Black Hole Recordings/

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Helsinki’s Winkee (Jussi Paasonen and Sami Törrönen) touch on the deeper side of the Pure Trance sound, previous releases like ‘Whisper’ and Jussi’s own ‘Meltwater’ demonstrate a love of melody and immersive production. ‘Helsinki’ in its Original Mix is an instantly memorable journey through sparkling synth lines and crystalline sequencer patterns. Staying admirably faithful to the original ideas is Lancashire’s hot new talent Liam Wilson, buzzing with his recent hits on Discover. Liam manages to create something which sounds melodically delicate yet has a huge impact on the dancefloor. A fabulous 2nd release on Solarstone’s Pure Trance Recordings.

Dimitri Kechagias review: Pure Trance recordings is finally launched and it seems that is the right moment for it. After the stunning first release the already beloved record label returns with Winkee from Finland who service the really incredible Helsinki. Melodic dreamy progressive trancer with bouncy brooding groove and deep basslines that drive the track forward towards the really sweet first shorter breakdown that is characterised from the so strong melody that crawls under your skin and elevate you a little bit higher. The main section is really dreamy and floating as we move towards the 2nd longer breakdown that includes even a very tripping breakbeat section. The climax is quite unique as it starts quite technoish but slowly the melodic layers are coming to offer the icing on that very tasty trance cake. Liam Wilson is one of those names that we will meet alot in the 2nd rennaissance of trance. His version translates the original into a very energetic uplifting and highly infectious trancer with psy trance influences. The stunning synthy melodies on top are played in a higher pitch while in the 2nd breakdown he adds the very strong piano melody on top as well in order to give it even more emotional strength and higher sensitivity. His 2nd longer breakdown slowly builds the anticipation with the various melodies, synthys, pianos and heavenly female voices. His climax is floating and flowing in a very relaxing soothing way while the beat is energetic and demanding. If trance is all about melody's strength this release is the purest trance that you can find around. Love IT

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