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this shit is going serious. Why this site is not allowing rebelious music?

Daaaamn. U must be lambs of the babylon or professional dogs. Why are you doing this? Why are you cencoring information?

I want to publish Global Faction music and I have the right to do so. Forum means a place, where people speak. I speak now! This is what I choose to speak:

And this:

Well, U still wondering why the world is so fucked up? Hmm, maybe you now try to seek the truth INSIDE you. Not outside, do not seek outside. It is inside and concentrating inside is the key.

In the end, my own song:

- Henri

Eikö susta vittu pääse eroon


Missä on kaikki kabinetti? En kuule yhtään kabinettia tossa, jotain räbää vaan. :C

Joo, ei oo tarpeeks kabinoitua tämä.