Friday, 26. May 2023

Betonimylly x Tavara-asema

Tavara-Asema Tampere
22:00 - 05:00 | 16.50 € Buy tickets

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This event is one that we have been very excited to be able to announce, we will be taking the Betonimylly sounds to the 116 year old Tavara-Asema venue in May! The venue has recently reopened as a venue for cultural events and concerts and has already cemented it's place in Tampere's growing event industry.
We are pleased to welcome our two guest DJ's for the occasion, hailing from Helsinki and Oulu!
📀 Dustro (Oulu, Finland) - @dustro.9
"DJ and producer Dustro, who is also one third of Synchro Posse, is coming down to this dance from Oulu (aka PSK kaupunni) to do a mighty vinyl set with the clattering sounds of Heinäpää factory, dust particles and bassy vibrations, transmitted through his dusty record bag - Molecule Switching and Techno for adult taste."
📀 Mary Young (Helsinki, Finland) - @mintakat
"Mary Young is a DJ, radio host and multidisciplinary artist. You can find her playing diligently in the booths and on the dancefloors of Helsinki's clubs - or running dressed as a rabbit around Kontula. Mary is part of a UK bass club London Zoo Helsinki.
She’s a trusted herald of dad jokes. In case you’re a fan of those, you should check out her monthly show ’Head High’ on IDA Helsinki radio – quality music & awkward laughters guaranteed!
In her DJ sets Mary Young often combines UK bass together with the deepest house, breaks & tasty percussive sounds. She enjoys her music as filthy, bassy and dark yet playful."
Our following reident DJ's for this occasion are the usual suspects
📀 Alakyykky - @elbush
"Alakyykky is known for his great selections and masterful vinyl sets, whether it's Italo House, Disco, Acid or Techno, he delivers a graceful journey through all things 4x4."
📀 DJ Icey - @_icey_e
"This guy never stops surprising with his skills on the decks, with a heavy history in Hip - Hop his set's are full of mindblowing scratching and looping, combined with his recently discovered passion in electronic music he is bound to get the dancefloor grooving!"
📀 Invictus - @invictus.mp3
"Invictus, the director or Betonimylly, is a DJ and Producer who has made it his sole mission to bring everything he holds so dear about electronic sound system music, to the masses. In the past couple of years, he has been playing sets for many different promoters, raves and club nights. Although his closest interest is firmly rooted in jungle and drum and bass, Invictus is not afraid of gaining new grounds by defining his sound and sets broader and more definitively around the sphere of underground dance music."
📀 DJ Ket - @DJ__Ket
"DJ Ket (fka The Brain Scientist), is a newcomer into the scene who has left dancefloors in awe, with her charismatic stage presence and wicked selections, by either diving into the deep and dark sounds of Dubstep or embracing the groovy sounds of genres like UK Funky, she always delivers."
🎥 Visuals and VJ: Yu Hsuan Yao - @yuhsuan.yao
"Finland based Taiwanese visual artist Yu-Hsuan Yao works primarily with moving image and photography, new media, and audiovisual performances. Her visual sets show incredible skill and finesse, and have left people amazed, time after time, at Betonimylly Raves and countless other occasions."

⚠️⚠️⚠️ IMPORTANT INFO ⚠️⚠️⚠️
🚩 Tavara-Asema, Ratapihankatu 33, 33100, Tampere
💶 16.50 € tickets sold on, (includes security/narikka fee + booking fee) (link in bio)
🗓 26.5.2023
🕕 22 - 05
🚫 18+

We do not accept any discrimination or unsolicited behaviour in our events, persons who cannot behave in this way will be promptly removed. If you see anything please approach any organiser or security personell.
Tavara-Asema practices safe space principles in all events on the premises.
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Ratapihankatu 33, 33100 Tampere